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Living with AIDS

What do you know about the word AIDS?

[Entry 41, The SubSelfie Blog]

It happened August last year. Despite his difficulty in breathing, he had to go out of the house alone to go to the local medical clinic.

After numerous tests, he received a diagnosis of pneumonia with prescriptions that would last him a week. He took them secretly and religiously but had chills and nights filled with pain and silent grimace.

On the seventh day, the medicines were not working and his family rushed him to the Lung Center of the Philippines.

He doesn’t like the feeling and idea of being in the hospital but he knew he needed it.

After a new set of tests, the doctor advised immediate confinement. However, the hospital had no vacant room so he transferred to Capitol Medical Center. He was already crying when his parents were signing the confinement papers.

He kept imagining the hospital room would be the last thing he’ll see before…

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